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GoPro Hero2 HD Review

hero2 hdThere's a few of these wearable cameras on the market now that can be a great way to start filming your hunts.  They are simple to use and provide good video quality.  The main downside is that the wide angle lens can't film a deer sized object at much beyond 50 yards.


  They are excellent for capturing a second point of view or a shooters point of view and they do a great job.  You can even film your solo hunts without much trouble.

head mountThe two biggest competitors in this market are the GoPro Hero2 HD and the Contour HD.  I've been using the Hero this year and I can say I'm impressed with the quality of the video for being such a rugged and easy to use camera.  Here's what I thought of the Hero camera. 


  • Fully Waterproof when inside the plastic housing
  • Replaceable battery. So you can pack extras.
  • Several mounting options, including a head mount.
  • Option to turn off all lights and beeps.
  • Also takes still shots


  • The waterproof housing is bulky and blocks the sound.  There is a second "almost" waterproof housing that has cut outs for the sound, but that kind of defeats the purpose.
  • When equipped with the LCD and waterproof housing the camera doesn't fit correctly on the head mount.  Without the LCD attachment it fits fine.

I won't go into detail on the specs, you can read them on their website.

gopro accessoriesI was able to mount this camera to a Swarovski spotting scope and film, but the quality wasn't very good.  But for me having the 60x zoom capability outweighed the poor video quality.  You do want to make sure you have the LCD viewer on the camera when doing this because you need to be able to see what the camera is filming through the scope.

I do want to mention a couple excellent features of GoPro's competitor the Contour HD camera.  It is waterproof right out of the box without a bulky housing.  At least waterproof enough to handle snow and rain conditions.  Also the head mount option sits on the side of the head as opposed to the front of the head which I think would be easier to wear.  The downside to the Contour is that you need to go with their more expensive model to get a removable battery, which is essential on a long pack trip.

I can say GoPro's technical support is great.  The first day I received the camera as I was opening it up I somehow broke the latch on the rear door that holds the battery in.   I simply emailed support and they shipped me a new door within a couple days no questions asked.